Welcome to With Candlelight, a literary magazine created for and by authors. We aim to deliver creative and worthwhile content that both our writers and readers crave. Really, what we want to do is create a community where those who crave a good story, and those who strive to produce one, can come together-hopefully in a state of wonder.

Don’t worry about the genre, we’re all inclusive. We want your lit-fiction, your horror and science fiction, your LGBT story, your creative non-fiction, and we love flash fiction too. Do you have a story that doesn’t fall into these categories? Send it anyway. We will read every story sent our way. If it’s good enough, and we want great pieces, we will publish it on the site. There are also no word limits or expectations. If it’s great, we want it.

The idea for With Candlelight came from us two: Roger and I. We are in your shoes. There are far too many “high-brow” magazines who are afraid of your horror story. There are also far too many horror mags who will never publish your tale unless it fits perfectly into the box they’re holding you in. Come to With Candlelight, we want you, and we’re glad to have you.

Send your work to withcandlelight@gmail.com along with your name and the genre of your story.

Thanks, Brandon & Roger


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